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BACS UK Payroll Payment Services

With our full BACS payroll bureau capabilities, we will simplify your payment requirements. Making sure your payments are executed in line with your timetable and with immediate confirmation. Most importantly, all our payments are supported with industry-leading unique BACS RTI hash signatures that are invaluable for promptly resolving potential disputes with HMRC or employees.

Our BACS service allows you to make and receive payments aligned to your payroll and other requirements securely, without the use of cheques or other costly services through your bank. You can pay your regular payments, subscriptions, payroll and pensions contributions among others

Qualitas is a leading provider of payment solutions offering full PAYE real time reporting and integration with payroll. RTI BACS is the only payment method that supports complete payroll reporting, aligning salary payments to RTI submissions made to HMRC

BACS and Payroll compliance made easy

Employers using BACS are required to include a unique hash code in their BACS payment instructions every time payroll is run. While many payroll services bureaux do not support this requirement currently, Qualitas carry this out automatically as part of our payroll processing service

The introduction of RTI signatures for BACS is motivated by HMRC’s objective to align employer payroll reporting to employee payments. Qualitas is one of the very few payroll services providers who have the capability to insert RTI signatures into both the Full Payment Submission (FPS) return and BACS payment file when payroll is run. Unfortunately, many employers are not fully compliant with the regulations of payroll software, and most payroll bureaux, do not insert a hash code into a payment file. RTI hash coding is only available for direct BACS users. Are your existing payroll employee payment solutions RTI hash compliant?

Payments with certainty and security

Our BACS service provides enhanced and efficient control over the amount of tax and NI deducted and reported to HMRC. The payments and taxation regimes continue to be subject to increasing standards and it is essential that employers can demonstrate compliance with their RTI reporting obligations quickly and efficiently.

The only certain method to demonstrate this compliance in an efficient manner is to use direct BACS with RTI hashes to pay employees. This is by far the most efficient approach for employers as all payments are support with unique signatures that are accepted by HMRC and their integrity is uncompromised. Qualitas payment processing services provide the ability to track all payments end-to-end.

We provide our clients direct access to the BACS network to originate and terminate payments

Like all of our payroll services, our BACS payment services provide a simple method of paying employees. Our flexible approach means we can accommodate your existing processes or can provide you with automated forms for completion

Benefits of Qualitas Payroll RTI BACS Payments

Some of the benefits of our payroll payments service include:

  • Increased time and cost efficiency
  • Complete certainty that employees are paid on time
  • Significantly reduced administration effort
  • No surprises

All of payroll and payments services are provide at market leading rates. Please contact us with details of your requirements and we’ll provide a prompt quote.

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