Payroll Outsourcing for the Education Sector

Payroll across the education sector is complex. Hours vary, there’s term-time working, LGPS (local government pension schemes) or other Teachers Pension Scheme deductions that need to be accounted for.

When you include varying pay scales, special allowances and the Real Time Reporting aspect and it’s easy to see how financial teams become stretched fast when trying to run payroll in-house.



Why Educational Facilities Need to Outsource Payroll Management

Managing a school payroll in-house is highly challenging due to the diverse amount of data entry required. The legislations surrounding pension payments, real-time reporting, holiday pay calculations and supporting term-time workers all contribute to driving the amount of work up within the finance department of all educational establishments.

School payroll needs to be compliant with the ever-changing legislations in line with constantly updating government policies so that you can meet your payroll responsibilities. That’s easier done with a fully managed payroll service provided by a third-party with unequivocal payroll expertise.

How Qualitas Payroll Can Help Your Finance Department

  • We provide journals for your payroll to your finance department which vastly reduces the time and effort it takes key personnel to maintain the books.
  • Risk management is significantly reduced as your payroll is managed by industry experts.
  • Our directors consistently monitor our accuracy levels and they’ve never fallen below 99.5%. A much higher accuracy rate than reported industry averages.
  • A team of experts on-hand when you need them. All our school payroll clients are allocated a payroll executive. A one-person point of contact for all your payroll queries.
  • In addition, payroll managers monitor for service consistency and you’ll have our payroll directors on hand, who are industry leaders acting as your strategic partner in all things payroll related.  
  • Never again worry about payroll compliance.
  • Third party liaison is also provided – as your payroll partner, we liaise with HMRC and others on your school or academies behalf.  
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What You Can Expect from Our Fully Managed Payroll Service

  • Payroll Data can be uploaded to our secure portal using your existing time and attendance system reports or by using our custom input sheets.
  • Our expertise in school payroll management – In-depth knowledge of teachers’ pension schemes and LGPS, pay scales, term-time workers payments including holiday pay, paternity and maternity pay, salaries and taxation.
  • Pension deduction processing and reporting with TPS and LGPS.
  • Choice of online or e-payslips
  • A tailored reporting solution suited to the needs of your finance team
  • Consistently accurate RTI reporting.

Why Trust Us with Your School Payroll?

With Qualitas Payroll Services, you really do get a fully-fledged managed payroll service covering all of the following:

  • Pensions and auto-enrolment
  • BACS payments using unique BACS RTI signatures so any disputes with employees or HMRC are always promptly resolved
  • Employment benefits and expenses taken care of
  • An advisory service in managing school payroll
  • Holiday Scheme administration.


In addition to all the above, payroll is our core business, which is why we’re always able to stay abreast of every change to government regulations that affect payroll, therefore affect your facility.


Straight talking advice from payroll experts…

Outsourcing payroll is a straightforward process, saves time and money, increases efficiencies and leaves your finance team with no headaches from trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of managing a school payroll in-house.


Offload the burden of managing your establishments payroll.


Contact us for a quotation and a tailored payroll solution to meet the needs of your school, academy, college or any similar educational facility.

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