Why Is Qualitas Different?

The efficiency and cost benefits of outsourcing payroll services functions, allows the market for our services to continue to grow in both the UK public and private sectors.

Organisations that have outsourced to a payroll services company appreciate the value in having a trusted provider like Qualitas.

We provide a consistent and reliable payroll service to meet your specific requirements.

Choosing the right payroll service provider is becoming more challenging with the pace of regulatory change.

For example; auto-enrolment pension reforms or HMRC regulatory changes, can leave some payroll companies behind.

It is crucial that Qualitas understands the importance of delivering on promises to make sure your payroll outsourcing service is a success.

Incorporating employee engagement, whilst meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders across your organisation.  Including via departments such as finance, human resources, management and procurement.


The industry is inundated with companies that compromise on their core payroll service proposition with other high-value extra sales, like accountancy and human resources services. This can distract from providing the highest quality process to your organisation. Indeed, many of our clients have experience of dealing with companies that charge hidden and unexpected fees for unplanned, or routine administration, payroll services.

Qualitas is the only independent UK payroll service provider to offer the right balance of scale with personal and tailored services. Delivering our UK payroll service accurately and on time. Since launching in 2013, Qualitas has been the success story in the outsourcing payroll service industry. Recognised by independent industry and media awards, Qualitas is the UK’s leading payroll services company for reliability and accuracy.

Our Management And Employees Are Committed To Our Core Business Values:


Qualitas understands that you cannot compromise on your payroll service processing.

We understand that your employees, management and business activities depend on real-time and accurate reporting of the payroll services function.

Qualitas’ core accuracy rates have consistently achieved greater than 99.5%. The payroll service implementation approach means we always have complete confidence in advance of ‘go-live’ for a payroll service project for a new client.


Qualitas places an emphasis on building effective processes and control checks in your payroll.

This means any errors, such as in employee information, will be promptly detected in any company data or management reports, long before your payroll is executed.


No hidden fees or surprises.

A completely transparent, economic payroll service pricing model offers excellent value to your organisation. Qualitas strongly believes that there is no reason for our prices to be complex.

Our commitment is to break with the industry norm on prices to provide simplicity on payroll services, and value to you.

More and more businesses are turning to Qualitas.


– 250+ medium and large enterprise clients across private and public sectors

– Extensive portfolio of small business clients and partnerships with accountants in practice

– 50,000+ payslips being produced every month

– Industry award winners, high-quality business studies and client testimonials

That’s why more and more businesses are turning to Qualitas.

A Payroll Service That Meets Your Requirements

Qualitas provides tailored payroll service functions to meet your requirements that are underpinned by secure technology platforms. We will work with you to build a cost-effective, efficient payroll services function. Qualitas do not simply mandate that you follow complex or inefficient standards, as other payroll companies can do.

We deliver these payroll services at economic prices because our model is simple and effective.

We stick to what we do best, and leave the other add-ons and sales to others. We will not sell you additional human resources, accountancy or business-consulting services.

Qualitas only offers the complete start-to-finish managed payroll process, including pensions administration, online payslips and BACS payment service. No bolt-on, human resource solutions or services or distractions! Qualitas just focuses on local payroll services, because that is our expertise!


As market leaders, Qualitas innovates to give our clients a tailored, intelligent and resourceful UK payroll service. We work with our clients to understand their challenges, developing reliable payroll service solutions, and processing payroll services rapidly. With an unrelenting focus on payroll bureau service quality, accuracy and reliability, Qualitas is the most trusted payroll company.

We have a comprehensive outsourcing payroll management service range including:

  • UK company payroll system processing, and tried and tested payroll start-to-finish implementation approaches
  • Employee benefits reporting, including P11D
  • Payroll investigations including data quality reviews, health checks, technical queries and error corrections
  • Payroll process end-to-end reviews and improvements
  • UK payments service including BACS
  • Pensions administration, including auto-enrolment and pension reforms
  • Holiday scheme management and absence/sickness reporting

In addition, Qualitas has close working relationships with HMRC and pension scheme providers, as well as many others. This allows Qualitas to deliver a quick and effective solution to efficiently and effectively address any queries.


Payroll Partners Who Add Value

The team at Qualitas recognises payroll is an unavoidable business expense that must be delivered reliably and at an attractive cost. Taking the hassle of payrolls in house away from our clients, allows opportunities to add value to our clients.

Through our relationships with HMRC we were proactive in advising and implementing NI allowances saving our clients £3,000 in Class 1 NIC, long before most in-house departments and payroll bureau companies caught up. Qualitas constantly provides insight and support to our clients on evolving regulatory changes and pension reforms. In addition, our experienced professionals can provide an advice service to clients on improving payroll employee information operations.


Clients of Qualitas agree that we are committed to going the extra mile with our fully managed payroll service. As an example, we prepare journal files at the completion of the payroll process for client finance teams to upload into their accounting systems. This saves clients’ valuable manual time interpreting numerous reports.  In addition, our robust system of controls and processes allows the team at Qualitas to spend more of our own time invested in your payroll processing upfront. Any issues with clients’ payroll services are detected and resolved promptly.  These controls include detailed client data input reconciliation controls, analytical review and independent checks on every payroll cycle.  We are committed to spending more time on your company payroll than most payroll service providers to make sure we get it right every time.

Qualitas choose only to invest in the best payroll people. This allows us to keep our promises, and to deliver on our core values, in order to process payroll services on your behalf. Our clients benefit from direct and unrestricted access to qualified, experienced and talented practitioners. Your transition to Qualitas Payroll services will be precisely planned and executed. We have a tried and tested methodology for payroll services implementations of all shapes and sizes.



Qualitas Payroll is tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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