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Selecting an outsrouced payroll partner can be a daunting task. Qualitas makes this simple: choose the provider to meet your needs and that will be focused on your specific business requirements.

At Qualitas, we offer a comprehensive full-service range of payroll services, in addition to being BACS compliant, and offering payments and pension administration services. Any packages that we provide to our clients are completely bespoke and tailored to their specific payroll needs, ensuring complete value for money and a productive long-term partnership.

Our business values around transparency mean you can always be assured that our interests are aligned with your own.

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List Of Services

Payroll Services

Payroll is becoming ever more complex with tax and pensions reform such as auto-enrolment continuing to impact employers. With Qualitas you can be assured that all of your compliance and processing responsibilities will be taken care of including liaising with HMRC and third parties directly on your behalf.

BACS Payment

With our full BACS bureau capabilities, we will simplify your payment requirements. Making sure your payments are executed in line with your timetable with immediate confirmation. Most importantly, all our payments are supported with unique BACS RTI hash signatures that are invaluable for promptly resolving potential disputes with HMRC or employees.

Payroll Advisory and Assurance

Organisations with incur lost revenue or unnecessary spend through payroll and the financial implications can be serious. Our payroll analytics and consultancy services can help you spot and address fraud, waste, and abuse, with speed and accuracy.

Pensions and Auto-enrolment

Calculation of employee and employer contributions. Monitoring remuneration levels to identify eligible employees under auto-enrolment regime. Issuing communications to employees to advise them of changes to their auto-enrolment status. Liaising with pension schemes, advising them of contributions each month.

Employee Benefits and Expenses

Every financial year end you will need to send details of your employees' taxable benefits to HM Revenue & Customs. With Qualitas we make this simple even for complex requirements around managing employee’s taxable benefits.

Holiday Scheme Administration

Time and attendance monitoring can be a time-consuming task. Our time and attendance solution supports you in managing your workforce in an efficient way that gives your employees and managers the information they need to resource your business activities.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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