Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider an Outsourced Payroll Service?

• Free up time and resources. Focus on other tasks that will make a difference to the bottom line.• Ensure continuity of payroll services processing through holidays, maternity leave, illness and other planned and unplanned leave.• GDPR adherence of critical payroll data.

Why choose Qualitas as my payroll services provider?

More than a payroll providerWe are more than a payroll provider – we are the payroll partner.
Our payroll executives will be your payroll services department.
Qualitas acts in the best interest of your business; optimising your payroll function to maximise its business value.
We don’t just process payroll! We help you ensure compliance, payroll accuracy and payroll efficiency.
We are committed to meeting your payroll needs and providing exceptional customer service.
In addition to Qualitas being more than an outsourced payroll provider, we are a step ahead and employ only the best!
Qualitas can seamlessly integrate our exceptional services into your business’ processes to ensure a smooth transition. As part of this, Qualitas will happily discuss your requirements and tailor our services to effectively meet your needs.

I have only one employee. Is this too small to outsource payroll?

Our client base varies vastly, employee numbers that range from 1 to over 4,000. We can cater to any size company. Our clients use the efficiencies and flexibility that we enable to help drive their business forward. Regardless of size, we can offer you the best value outsource payroll services to suit your business’ specific needs.

I have over 1,000 employees. Is this too many for Qualitas Payroll?

Absolutely not. Our specialists have the experience and expertise to maximise the business value of even the largest payroll while ensuring compliance along with our excellent customer support.

Will I still be in control of my Payroll?

Absolutely. Just because you outsource your payroll does not mean that you outsource control. As we process your payroll, we discuss variances, potential issues or opportunities for optimisation with you. Before we finalise any payroll, we require confirmation from all clients that they are happy with us to proceed. We will only accept changes to payroll with verification from you or your authorised representative.

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