Outsourced white-label or partnered payroll service for accountants

For accountants, offering payroll services can often seem like a burden. There’s more money to be made in bookkeeping and filing accounts, but often clients required an added payroll service even to consider coming on board. At Qualitas, we offer an outsourced white-label or partnered payroll service and help many accountants just like you to provide outsourced payroll in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

This additional service can help you generate more leads and even charge higher rates if you’re not already offering payroll services due to its complexity. This article will cover the main benefits of using Qualitas as an outsourced payroll provider.

Save time and money with a white label or partnered payroll service.

Utilising the services of a specialist payroll bureau like Qualitas can have a host of benefits, particularly on the side of time allocation and cost-savings. The internal resource required to run, manage and report on payroll operations can be significant for accountancy firms, so having a fully-trained outsourced team on hand can drastically reduce those requirements.

Our dedicated payroll platform works for your clients too. You’ll be able to manage all of your client’s payslips, reports, and PAYE forms from one place, but each client can access their files for their own organisation. This self-serve approach will improve your customer service without any need for manual intervention.

Outsourced payroll to Qualitas means you can spend more time on higher-value tasks and ultimately improve profits.

No need to train staff or keep on top of legislation

Payroll can be complicated to manage in-house. With ever-changing legislation and rules around things like National Insurance and auto-enrolment, it can be a pain for accountants to keep on top of.

Qualitas are the experts, and we update our platform to keep in line with the latest legal requirements. You can be confident that you’re serving clients correctly without worrying about getting it wrong, avoiding costly mistakes and even financial penalties.


If you’re new to payroll and thinking about offering it as a service, our outsourced payroll platform means there’d be no need to train staff – Qualitas have it covered. We’ll keep you updated so that you can inform your clients as needed, whilst our dedicated platform and specialist team ensures total accuracy.

Get free setup and a dedicated account manager.

At Qualitas, we understand that all accountants work differently. Our platform can be tailored to your own needs and branding requirements to serve your clients better. We offer free setup and implementation and always offer an initial discover call to better understand how your business operates and what works best. We’ll work with you to get it right, and, as a Qualitas customer, you’ll have a dedicated account manager acting on behalf of and as an extension of your own internal team.

To find out more about how our white label payroll solution for accountants can help you drive more business, get in touch today.

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