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Outsource your UK payroll and auto-enrolment to Qualitas payroll services to focus on running your business.

Managing payroll can take up a large amount of time, and dealing with the compliance challenges are both time-consuming and challenging. That pressure continues to grow as pension reforms, changing employment regulations, and increased focus by HMRC make payroll and pensions a high risk and costly internal business function.

Reliable payroll service outsourcing

With Qualitas payroll services you can be assured that all of your compliance and processing responsibilities will be taken care of including liaising with HMRC and third parties directly on your behalf. Qualitas will manage your payroll and make sure it meets the standards expected by HMRC, your employees and your directors.

With Qualitas payroll services, we will keep you right on all aspects of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and National Insurance (NI), holiday pay and dealing with maternity and paternity leave. Our service is tailored to your processes, systems and preferences and we will provide bespoke wage capture sheets to streamline and deliver efficiencies to you from day 1. Your payroll calendar will be agreed in advance to suit your own departmental and business needs and you will receive all reports in advance to give you absolute confidence.

Unlike other payroll firms, our payroll services will also provide your finance department with a journal file for your payroll meaning they can save significant time and effort maintaining the books. We implement robust controls and processes to focus on the areas of key risk and judgement when operating our payrolls. This will ensure that any issues are identified early and resolved immediately. Our accuracy rates are monitored very closely by our directors and are consistently above 99.5% vastly exceeding reported industry averages.

Looking for a payroll outsourcing company with exceptional people?

You will be allocated Payroll Executives to manage your account. They will be overseen by a Payroll Manager who is accountable for the quality, reliability and effectiveness of your service. In addition, you will have unfettered access to our Payroll Directors who are industry leaders in the profession and will be your strategic payroll partner.

Your transition to Qualitas payroll services will be precisely planned and executed. We have a tried and tested methodology for payroll implementations of all shapes and sizes.

When you choose Qualitas payroll services, you choose a business partner with the highest quality payroll talent and ethical standards. Our professionals are at the heart of our business strategy and success. We recruit the best payroll professionals in the market and continually develop their capabilities with enriching professional experiences, coaching and development to deliver continuous value to our clients. Our payroll services team is already in place and ready to commence. We have a comprehensive team of payroll specialists in the UK, and all are highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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