Profit from branded payroll for accountancy firms

There’s a rich, untapped profit stream that most accountancy firms have yet to realise, thanks to the digitalisation of payroll processing and reducing costs of entry. Get ahead of your competitors today to profit from payroll services, without having to carry out any additional work. 

What is branded payroll for accountants? 

If you’re looking to enhance your accountancy service offering to clients by adding payroll services, but are unsure about incurring additional costs and resources, then you may want to consider white labelled services. Payroll services delivered by bureaus like Qualitas Payroll can offer these services fully branded to your business, while delivering a low-cost expert service to your clients. 

Why don’t many accountancy practices offer payroll services? 

Historically, accountancy firms considered delivering payroll for their clients a loss-leader. The work was laborious and manual and exposed to risk of human error. Mistakes could be costly and cost a lot of time and energy to fix. 

Additionally, it was hard to keep up with ever-changing work and pensions legislation and comply with HMRC PAYE protocols and regulations. 

In short, it was a headache that they didn’t need nor want and made poor business sense for practices regardless of size and scope. 

branded payroll

Digitisation of payroll has levelled the playing field 

Today, these barriers to entry have been removed, thanks to the digitisation of payroll processing. Payroll bureaus like Qualitas have invested in new, bespoke cloud technologies, connected data solutions and developed custom online portals that allow accountancy firms to realise the profitability of offering payroll services. This new service strand is low cost, low input but offers the chance to scale and grow the accountancy practice by offering end to end financial services to their client base. 

Managed from a custom online client portal 

We will provide a customer online client portal which is accessible safely and securely from any browser, protected by two factor authentication and fully compliant with GDPR legislation. Within the portal you / your clients can share data, upload documents and download fullly branded payslips. Additionally, you will be provided with a dedicated account manager, branded email address and dedicated telephone support helpline. 

A word of caution 

While cloud solutions have enabled the opportunity for accountancy firms to profit from a payroll service offering, we offer a word of caution on relying solely on cloud software. Not only is it expensive to purchase and maintain, it also doesn’t provide accounting, tax or payroll expertise. Payroll expertise is required to feed the right data, process in keeping with existing protocols and keep up to date with evolving tax, work and pensions legislation. 

Working with a specialist payroll partner like Qualitas provides the best of both worlds. Access leading edge, bespoke cloud payroll solutions while our expert payroll teams ensure you’re fully compliant with the latest laws, legislation and regulatory frameworks governing employee payroll.

We stay up to date with evolving legislation so you don’t have to. An email and a dedicated phone line mean we’re right here if you or your clients need additional support. 

Profit from payroll today

To take advantage of this additional revenue stream today. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote and discover how a bespoke payroll package can drive growth and streamline efficiency.